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I want to install this on my own system. Is the source code available?

Yes, you can obtain the latest source of wp.cgi here. Make sure you have perl 5 or better installed and the Net::DNS perl module or things won't work.

The very latest code is also available from the CVS archives.

WP has been run on a wide variety of unices and has now also been run on Windows (Apache and ActiveState Perl) and should work out of the box! (and we'll be testing it on OSX shortly).

I know of a better way to code something in WP.

Hey, great! But don't just sit there: Do it! and send us a diff (or join the devp team! ;-)

Hey! I'm getting a message saying I can't access the proxy anymore. What's up with that?

You must be seeing the "too many hits" message. If you read it (closer) you'll see that the reason is because there have been, um, well, too many hits from your host in too little time. (We gotta keep the badbots out). If you really need more access, get the source and install it for yourself. 'nuff said.

I want to find all domain names that contain foo but I receive a message saying that there is a limit of 50 hits. How can I get around that?

You can't, at least not with the wp proxy. This is a limit imposed by a registrar. Sorry. But you probably won't even get this message from the registrar, because WP's limits are even stricter.

Can WP lookup more than one host at a time?

Nope. WP was not developed to do bulk stuff.

Could WP lookup multiple TLDs for a domain name

It probably could, but it would be a different tool, and either more limited in scope (an arbitrary subset of TLDs) or else horribly slow if it looked up all 260+ at once! So, I don't forsee changing the basic way it works - one at a time.

I'm a bulk emailer (spammer). Can I use your proxy to harvest email addresses?

<sigh...> Well... you can try! But by doing so you give us the express permission to visit your home or place of business and beat you severely. If this doesn't sound like your idea of a good time, the answer is "No."

WHOIS results from different registrars are in different formats. Can you make them all look the same?

Wish we could! But we don't "process" the data in any way except to remove the annoying 1/2 page disclaimer message that appears courtesy of a few of the registrars. Attempting to process the output from each and every registrar would make the proxy almost unmaintainable. For this reason we have decided to display the information just as it comes from the registrar's WHOIS server.

How can I contact the developers?

You'll find forms and mailing lists, etc., on the web site at:
and also our Guestbook/Feedback form.

That's all for now! Any future questions will be added to this FAQ list if we get them often enough.

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